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 We envision being the most resourceful company for families of missing children. We will provide different solutions to every day problems. We also will create a sense of hope which in what seems like hopeless moments.  


Jabez Eugene Spann

Jabez is your next-door neighbor. He is the teammate the pushes you harder to your greatness. Jabez is the boy this sang with you in choir , Jabez was a freshman in high school. All he wanted to do was play football. Jabez was full of life, with a great personality. His smile lit up the room when he entered . September 4, 2017 Labor Day would forever change our lives. It would be the last time we would see Jabez . On February 16, 2019 Jabez was finally found. 18 months later he was put to rest. For this is how the Jabez Spann foundation has come to exist. We want to help As many families that are missing their children as possible. While his spirit goes on his legacy lives.

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Our mission is to provide every day resources to the families of missing children. The mission is to encourage the strength of this community. Also to lighten the burden of such a painful ordeal. To give different avenues of assistance to a community of people who silently suffer.

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